Jun 18

Dom Skandynawski -Scandinavian Meeting Point Szczecin is open

Dom Skandynawski has been launched, as a unique place on the map of Szczecin promoting the Scandinavian lifestyle and integrating the local, intercultural community focused around the countries of the North.

This place was handed over to the City of Szczecin by the IKEA company, which for almost a year ran an amazing project called IKEA Dom Jutra (The House of Tomorrow), a place inspiring for changes and presenting how a house functioning with full respect for nature could look like. In its space, a hundred-year-old building at Odrodzenia Square, residents of Szczecin discovered planet-friendly solutions, learnt about environmentally friendly practises and had a chance to actively contribute to the green future of their city.

Today, during the inauguration of the Scandinavian Days, Karin Sköld, the President of Ikea, symbolically handed over the place to Piotr Krzystek, Mayor of Szczecin, and the residents of Szczecin.

”Scandinavian Days is the first activity on the doorstep of Dom Skandynawski. Soon there will be others, for I believe that in this place, in the centre of Szczecin, this area will develop and will also serve to develop our cooperation,” said Piotr Krzystek, Mayor of Szczecin.

A place to talk about the future

Dom Skandynawski -Scandinavian Meeting Point Szczecin will host industry, educational and cultural meetings, workshops and conferences focused on Scandinavian topics. This area will be encouraging joint activities on many levels – administration, diplomacy, business, education, culture and art, providing an opportunity for mentoring, conceptual and design meetings. The place will also be given over to residents, among others, youth, NGOs, volunteers and social activists wishing to actively contribute to the development of green Szczecin.

“ To discuss what the Scandinavian House should look like, we invited partners – honorary consuls, business representatives, NGOs and universities, the NATO corps, and also Szczecin students. We want the House as a meeting place for many communities,” said Daniel Wacinkiewicz, Deputy Mayor of Szczecin, during the inauguration of the Scandinavian Days. “We jointly agreed that we will continue the IKEA idea of living in a more ecological and sustainable way. At the same time, the Scandinavian House will be a place to talk about the future and a centre for developing creativity and promoting Scandinavian culture, lifestyle and work.

Dom Skandynawski will be operating in five rooms over 242 square meters – thematically named Kitchen/Dining Room, Library/Reading Room, Chillout Room, Consulting Room, Agora and Workshop – and eventually is to be connected with two additional rooms, extending its space to 600 square meters.

Scandinavia in Szczecin

Szczecin, due to its geographical location, is a natural partner for Scandinavia, and Scandinavia has been present in our city for many years, not only because of the dynamically operating business here, but also due to Scandinavian students, who appreciate the qualities of our city and the potential of the university, tourists, and soldiers stationed here with their families living as part of the Multinational North-East Corps.

Not everyone knows that there are about 160 companies with Scandinavian capital in Szczecin. In total, Scandinavian companies employ around 15,000 people in West Pomerania and are recognised as good and stable employers.

That is why every year for the last seven years we have been organising Scandinavian days in Szczecin – an event which creates a platform for active cooperation between Poland and Scandinavia. The Scandinavian House, which was created in response to the needs of the Nordic community present in our city, is the next step in building relations with our neighbours.

Due to strong interest in the venue and COVID-19 restrictions, the accessibility of the Scandinavian House to the visitors will be announced soon.

A full list of events in the Scandinavian House will be available at: