Jun 18

We are opening for you!

Very soon, on Wednesday 19 May, we are opening our doors for you, residents of Szczecin interested in Scandinavian countries, lifestyle and work style.

This place was handed over to the City of Szczecin by the IKEA company, which for almost a year ran an amazing project called IKEA Dom Jutra (The House of Tomorrow), a unique place inspiring changes and presenting how a house functioning with full respect for nature could look like. In its space, residents of Szczecin discovered planet-friendly solutions, learnt about environmentally friendly practises and had an opportunity to actively contribute to the green future of their city.

Shortly after completing the project, IKEA handed over the space, including the furnishings, to the City of Szczecin, which decided to continue the project under the name of Dom Skandynawski.

And so the House, slightly altered, has been operating since mid-May 2021 in five rooms: Kitchen/Dining Room, Library/Reading Room, Chillout Room, Consulting Room, Agora and Workshop. It is a place for meetings and exchange of opinions, where we will be dynamically promoting Scandinavian culture in our city. We warmly invite you to participate in our events!