Jun 18

Scandinavian Days 2021 are getting closer

The inauguration of the next edition of Scandinavian Days is just next week. Due to the pandemic, the event will take the safe form of videoconferences and online events. The programme includes the opening of Dom Skandynawski – Scandinavian Meeting Point Szczecin, webinars on ecology and business, as well as film screenings, exhibitions and concerts.

Dom Skandynawski – Scandinavian Meeting Point Szczecin

6 Monte Cassino Street – this is the address of the Dom Skandynawski -Scandinavian Meeting Point Szczecin, which will start operating during the Scandinavian Days. It is a centre for developing creativity and a place to talk about the future. The area created by the Swedish brand IKEA under the name “The House of Tomorrow” will have a new signboard. In Dom Skandynawski, the zero waste philosophy will be maintained, interdisciplinary workshops and training sessions will be conducted and multicultural social initiatives will be undertaken. This extraordinary project will be implemented by the City of Szczecin and the municipal company – Szczecińskie Towarzystwo Budownictwa Społecznego.

What else does the programme include?

Most of all, we focus on discussions among experts. We will learn the details of ecological solutions in business, as well as how Scandinavian business brings the advantages of green transformation to Poland and, finally, what the Scandinavian way of doing business looks like. All of these topics will be discussed during open webinars. In addition, a number of cultural and accompanying events will take place.

You can find a detailed programme in the attachments and on the website page:


Concept of the event

Szczecin is an excellent port and logistics hub for our northern neighbours. Good ferry and air connections with Scandinavia mean that we are literally right at each other fingertips. Not only tourists appreciate it but also entrepreneurs, as many companies which operate here have Scandinavian capital. Our cooperation has been going on for many years and is getting stronger and stronger. What unites us is openness regarding innovation and development and also awareness of the importance of ecology in everyday life. Szczecin is therefore a natural environment for Scandinavian Days.  

The organiser of the event is The City of Szczecin

The strategic partner of Scandinavian Days is the Norwegian embassy.

The partners include the Embassy of Sweden, the Embassy of Denmark, the Embassy of Finland, IKEA and Zakład Wodociągów i Kanalizacji.

The sponsor of the event is Zakład Unieszkodliwiania Odpadów/EcoGenerator.